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Labor Equity Round-up

In 1973, fifty-three years after the 19th Amendment granted white women the right to vote in the US, that day, August 23rd, was declared Women’s Equality Day in commemoration. And while women now have the right to vote, there’s still often a lack of equity in pay, and even more so in jobs that are typically seen as ‘women’s work’.

For the last week and a half we’ve been highlighting articles on the current state of labor and wage equity in both the theater costuming and garment manufacturing fields. For Labor Day, we’re rounding them all up, with some bonus reading.

Wednesday, August 26: Wage transparency reduces the gender wage gap by 7%.

Thursday, August 27: A Call for Equal Support in Theatrical Design

Additional Reading:

“Despite challenging economic factors, the demand for small venue theatres and the art that emerges from them has continued to expand in recent years. With the right support, it will continue to grow in the years to come.” -

Friday, August 28: The Dirty Truth Behind Los Angeles’ Garment Sector

Additional Reading:

“Labour Behind the Label is a campaign that works to improve conditions and empower workers in the global garment industry.” -

LA Garmentworkers video on health and safety -

Saturday, August 29: The Slavery Footprint Quiz (“How many slaves work for you”?)

Conscious Reading List, Kat Anderson/AIBI.

So what can be done about human trafficking and slave labor -

And check out Fashion Revolution’s Reading List on Consumption -

Sunday, August 30: The Fair Labor Standards Act: What to Know and Why the U.S. Needs New Labor Laws

See Also:

Many Women Who Died in the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire of 1911 Were Young Immigrants -

Never Forget the Triangle Factory Fire—It's Why We Have Unions -

Tuesday, September 1: REPORT: Hanging by a Thread! Los Angeles Garment Workers’ Struggle to Access Quality Care for their Children.

Wednesday, September 2: What Decolonizing Fashion has to do with #BlackLivesMatter

Additional reading:

Racism is at the heart of fast fashion – it's time for change -

Will a Post-COVID Broadway Be a Fairer One? Can It Be -

Thursday, September 3: Wage theft plagues L.A. garment workers.

Why aren’t fashion retailers held responsible?

To get to know more about the LA Garment Workers Center:

Friday, September 4: #FlashBackFriday - Uptown Will Soon Be Home To Country’s First Woman- And Refugee-Owned Clothing Co-Op

To get to know more about Blue Tin Productions:

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