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Financial Empowerment Resources

The relationship between arts and money has always been complicated. Are you struggling knowing how to price your product and time fairly? Is it hard to know your worth and ask for money from customers or patrons?

On June 1st, REC hosted guest speaker, Dina Weiss is the founder of Redwing Financial, where she serves as a financial, life and business coach, a financial advocate and Chief Investment Officer for the firm. She began her career in the financial services industry in 2005 and employs a client-centered and educational philosophy in her practice. She works with individuals to ensure full understanding of the financial responsibilities of life, the impact of financial decisions, and the investment process inclusive of those options available in today’s complicated investment marketplace.

She has long been a writer, primarily in theatrical arts, comedy and poetry, but now tailors her writing towards the more practical aspects of an individual’s life.

Dina shared some valuable (free!) tools with the REC for you to use for your own financial empowerment!

Brown Paper Brain Dump Exercise:

04 2020 Brown Paper Brain Dump Exercise.pptx
Download PDF • 273KB

Cash Flow and Income Worksheet:

FORM_Redwing Financial_Cash Flow and Income Worksheet
Download XLSX • 51KB

Debt Reduction Calculator:

FORM_Redwing Financial_Debt Reduction Calculator
Download XLSX • 332KB

If you found these resources useful, please consider a donation to AIBI to support more of this programming:

The Reluctant Entrepreneur Club is for anyone who never aspired to be their own boss, but found themselves running a small business anyway. In the wake of the global pandemic in 2020 that shut down large sectors of arts employment, many skilled arts professionals found themselves starting small businesses to survive.

That’s where REC comes in. Born from a thousand frustrated conversations between actual reluctant entrepreneurs, we aim to bridge the gap between the talent & skills that artists already have and the business acumen needed to successfully build businesses. Creating a community with a foundation of seminars from experts in a variety of fields and access to the tools needed to continue learning & growing as business owners well into the future, REC is helping artists become (slightly) less reluctant entrepreneurs.

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